About Us

ABOUT US  @ One Touch Ministries

 One Touch Ministries has a GOD ordained mandate to impact the community and the World.

We are called to present the Gospel to the lost, the needy , feed the hungry , clothe the poor , minister to the elderly , widow’s and orphans  , reach out to people of all ages and all walks of life . To equip and empower and allow each and every one to fulfil their calling according to God’s purpose and plan.


This ministry has humble beginnings from the Pit to God’s palace. With the prayers of our friends and partners we present a creative and relevant message of Christ and His love for people in a needy Community. This area where the church is situated is called Jan Niemand Park ( translated it means Nobody’s Park or Place saying that it is the place of Nobody’s, but God’s  One Touch  will make you Somebody. ( how ironic )


This Ministry is supported by Pastor’s Charles Naidoo’s  mother  Mary Naidoo ( 92 years  of age and still serving the master until her shadow fall) .